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Tricia McCallum - Nothing Gold Can Stay: A Mother and Father Remembered

Tricia's Book - Nothing Gold Can Stay: A Mother and Father Remembered

I am delighted to announce that my new book entitled “Nothing Gold Can Stay: A Mother and Father Remembered,” is now available here for purchase in hardcover.


These are stories from my heart of hearts. I wrote them at the end of my mother and father’s lives and it gave me great comfort. At the end of a grueling day caring for them I could pour my heartache and truest feelings into my work: It kept me going.


Accompanying these poems are prose essays along with evocative photographs selected to complement each piece. I am honored to have my pieces paired with the images of several award-winning photographers from around the world.

I thank you for visiting and spending some time with me: I do hope you enjoy my book. Please use the “Contact” link above to send me your thoughts via email. I would sincerely love to hear from my readers.


                  May I Have this Dance?

She was wobbly that morning,
unsure on her feet,
but reached out her arms to me wanly
in an invitation to dance.

I wanted none of it,
weary after another of her restless nights,
rushing to change her sheets
before the nurse arrived,
mentally cataloguing chores still ahead…


                                        At Rest


He can be found at the cemetery most afternoons
for as long as he can stand the heat, or the cold.
By the hour he sits there
on a small iron bench in sight of her grave.
It is inscribed in memory of another, 
yet it seems meant just for him…


                                    Hiding Places


Sorting through your top drawer
after your death
I come upon it,
tucked incongruously
among a raft of legal documents.

A photo of your daughters,
the three of us children in a bath together
giggling wildly at the camera,
all our heads soapy…