I didn’t say half of what I wanted

that day we met for the last time

complaining about the weather

and working too hard

giving you countless openings for reassuring words

which never came.


You didn’t say half of what you should

Not noticing I had cut my hair

Remember the time you begged me not to?

Instead you seemed concerned with the lousy service

and asked about that blue shirt of yours

Could I please try and find it, you said.

It was one of your favorites.


I said things I never meant to

That my life was better now

less complicated

wanting you to shake me

and tell me I was lying.


But you had plans, you said,

And worried about getting a cab

away from there

and me


By the way, I found your blue shirt

I even put it on now and again

It was one of your favorites.


-Tricia McCallum

© 1982 by Tricia McCallum

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