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Something Called Qi

My friend made an appointment with the city’s much acclaimed doctor of Eastern medicine, way down on the Danforth above the Roots store. He opened

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January’s belligerent sister, the more troublesome twin. Its days are longer But somehow colder. It promises Monday delivery but doesn’t show. Sullen, scheming in the

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Smoke Signals

How can you not think of me in winter when afternoons dwindle on in grayness remembering our summers spent wrapped together. Not miss me late

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The Delicate Dance

Poise and abandon. The art of poetry demands both. So much in life does. The karaoke singer summons both and seizes the microphone. The high

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Vivid Red

I received this framed portrait in the mail today from a friend of mine. She combined a photo of me with a poem written by

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Pink Angora

How wrong we can be about the things we think will save us… I walked behind them on the way home after skating that Saturday

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Tricia McCallum

Always be a poet. Even in prose.
Charles Baudelaire.

In essence I am a storyteller who writes poems. Put simply, I write the poems I want to read.[…]

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