Back from Book Expo America!

Just got back from New York and Book Expo America, where any author without a publicist is in the minority.

Confirms that the book business is indeed a “business,” now more than ever. These are cautionary times in publishing, and if I hear one more time the phrase: “Poetry is a hard sell,” I will no be held responsible.

Interest in poetry never wanes though, as judging by the number of people who expressed genuine interest in my book. That was very heartening. There was precious little poetry on display actually, which made me unique, without even trying.

The line to meet uber-writer James Patterson wound up and down several aisles and these people wait endlessly with seemingly infinite patience.

I handed out hundreds of copies of my book and chatted with, well, everyone, including security guards. I learned an extraordinary amount about selling books and most importantly that I need to “build my profile” in order to attract a distributor of any size. So that is my m.o. over the summer.

Back soon…

Following Seas

How the sunlight hit the mainsail just so.
The water sloshed good-naturedly between the hulls.
Van Morrison serenaded us
while the dented tin kettle sang
on the tiny harnessed stove.
An old man on shore stood waving to us
for the longest time.
Just stood there,

the fish we saw through our masks.
They looked like the drawings of a child
who had just discovered

Spent, slick with salt water,
we splurged on hot showers
and sang to one another across the deck.
we lay at the bow for hours,
fetching tea in turns,
how could one night
hold so many stars.

Cooper Island, BVI

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