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The Music of Leaving

The Music of Leaving, my new collection of poetry, is now available to order.

Order directly online — for both Canada and U.S. orders — from:

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The Music Of Leaving - Poems by Tricia McCallum

Now on Sale

Nothing Gold Can Stay: A Mother and Father Remembered

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$19.95 online  sale of the book directly from the author includes tax. There is an $8 shipping  fee. Your book will be delivered within nine  days for most destinations by postal service within Canada and the U.S.

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ISBN 978-0-9866461-0-2

Tricia’s hardcover book  “Nothing Gold Can Stay: A Mother and Father  Remembered” has just been published and is now available to order online  via PayPal.

I am  delighted to announce that a sequence of my poems has been published in a  hardcover book entitled Nothing Gold Can  Stay: A Mother and Father  Remembered. Accompanying these poems are prose essays along with evocative  photographs by five award-winning  photographers from around the world.

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Nothing Gold Can Stay: A Mother and Father Remembered - Tricia McCAllum

These are  stories from my heart of hearts. I wrote them at the end of my mother and  father’s lives and it gave me great comfort. I hope they  offer some solace to my readers as well.

I thank you  for visiting and spending some time with me.

Click play to watch a  short video in which Tricia talks about her book.

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