Pandemic Poems: A series.


What is this world of yours you speak of,
Where people touch, without reserve,
Or caution.
Stand shoulder to shoulder,
Dance cheek to cheek,
Join hands in circles at weddings,
Share spoons and pieces of cake,
Whisper secrets up close,
Hold elevator doors.
Share with me
This world you speak of.
You must tell me more.
Spare no detail.
Help me to imagine.

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  1. Tricia, this is my worry for future generations. We can’t let this happen. No. How will we be able to express our love?

  2. Great poem, Tricia, “help me imagine”-terrific ending. Yes, imagine indeed-how we make peace wth the world’s chaos and our own mortality-there is no playbook.

  3. these are wonderfully and lovingly can hear the angst thru the words…we are all so sorrowful for what we have temporarily lost…but believe there are lessons to be learned and hopefully patience and
    compassion to be gained

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