My memory has been good to you since you left

It’s taken you and buffed your sharp edges

polished up your one-liners

And edited your conversations for wit and sensitivity.

It’s rationalized your selfishness and rather quick temper

Forgotten how you hated sharing a single bed

And inconvenience in general.

It even injects feeling into your empty phrases.

You’d love my memory of you.

So I wouldn’t advise you to come back

You could never compete with this memory of mine.

Even your eyes aren’t that blue.


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  1. Hey Tricia, can’t remember where I snipped Parallax from when i had a hard copy as a younger man. It was before the internet lol. I carried it about for years it gave me a framework for ‘memory’ and past lovers.
    Thank you.

    1. Parallax has long been one of my personal favourites, Alec. I so appreciate your letting me know it served you as a touchstone.

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