I would have done it all differently

if I had known

our meeting that day

was to be our last one.


Had you even hinted

this was our final scenario

I would have risen to the occasion

played it our properly.


I would have looked my most beautiful

uttering great, dramatic soliloquies

on our time together

and life in general

your last memories of me

would have been powerful ones.


Your most casual comments

I would have catalogued

to listen to later

I’d have studied you

while your weren’t looking

taking mental notes

of each beautiful detail.


Your grabbing for my hand

as we walked

would have meant more to me

that night

than jus something you had a habit of doing.


I’d have prolonged our parting

our usual kiss at the door

kept your arms around me a second longer

and watched the back of you




I dismissed you

almost casually

as contented lovers often do

knowing there will be

a next time.

3 Responses

  1. I cut this poem out of a magazine years ago, and carried the copy with me everywhere. It is easily the most beautiful poem I have ever read, and I have a Bachelors in Literature so I have read a lot of poetry. At some point, during a move, I lost my only copy. I have been searching for it for many years, and tonight I finally found it. I have been weeping tears of joy all night. I am now complete again. Thank you Ms. McCallum for helping a young girl through the profound suffering of losing first love. You are amazing.

  2. It’s framed on our entry door. To remember with every leaving. It’s been there since time began in our home. Thank you Tricia McCallum

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