Coastal Readings.

I just returned home from my poetry reading at the Haynes Library this morning in the harbor here in Eleuthera. My soundtrack today was the sound of the wind fanning the huge palms that surround the building coupled with the gentle insistent lap of water at the near shore.

It was a packed house. I looked out to a sea of shining faces, and as I told the people gathered I was thrilled at the turnout and appreciative to each and every one who made the time to come.

My poems are about universal issues, in this case the loss of a mother and father, and because of that, people can instantly relate to them. Many from the audience approached me afterwards, telling me my words caused the stirring of old and sometimes painful memories. There is such catharsis in that and I think many weren’t expecting to have such a visceral reaction to the work.

One elderly woman said to me she had never known her mother and listening to me talk about mine made her quite envious. “And I am not generally the envious type.”

Another woman said that although she didn’t know me well, she was proud of me. I was genuinely touched by her words. As she explained, we all have these memories and thoughts worthy of putting in writing but other things get in the way. She thanked me for doing it for all those who choose not to, or simply cannot.

I consider myself privileged to share such an important part of who I am with these lovely souls.

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