Random tweets.

These are 10 things I know:

1. Classic is best. If you get into a race of fashion do’s and don’ts you cannot win it. Run your own race. Draw your own finish line.

2. Champagne is a truth serum. Nothing quite like it. Crystallizes everything – for me anyway.

3. If any of us truly realized our immortality or the all-too-brief stay we are allotted here, it would be impossible to go on. This is knowledge we must set aside if we are to function fully here. Put it in the vault: that is the deal.

4. If I knew at 20 what I know now I wouldn’t have known what to do with it. I wouldn’t have believed it anyway.

5. Why was I always so reluctant to let myself shine? Fear? Probably. I think we are scared of the light we can emanate if we would only allow ourselves.

6. Chunky peanut butter is just better.

7. There is no one with a more romantic voice than Neil Diamond. If you don’t agree, just listen to “September Morn.”

8. I like the idea of porridge better than the real thing.

9. Small talk after about 10 minutes becomes absolutely exhausting.

10. I have a feeling of utter futility first thing in the morning. After my second coffee it starts to dissipate.

Random tweets, all. Good night.

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