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September 1st and 2nd

September 1st

The obligatory backpacks bought,
The sectioned notebooks and the cornucopia of Sharpies,
Heralding the dull march back to classrooms, schedules.
In its forlorn wake a trail of
Unhurried pancake breakfasts
And lying perfectly still on a sun-scorched dock,
Until perhaps trailing a finger,
But only one.

September 2nd

Boats pulled out for the season
Children rushing to school
And like a switch was flipped overnight
The water in the bay now darker

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  1. Experiencing much the same (esp the 9/2 piece), but from the school employee viewpoint. I was daydreaming yesterday about the vacation rental dock we left behind only a few weeks ago, already grown mythic in memory.

    • It’s always much better to carve out our very own timeline, Ron.

      I’ll use this venue to tell you how much I appreciate your feedback and support of my work. And that I am so enjoying your words.

      Do you know of the writer Jena Schwarz and her wonderful writers’ groups? I have been part of two of her monthly “Dive into Poetry” sessions and am writing truer, better, because of them. Think about joining us. I am diving in to the October group. It will be chilly but I find the process works wonders.

      Keep writing, Ron. Damn the torpedoes. And the accountants.

      Warmly, Tricia McCallum

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